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This Pregnancy Announcement Parody is AMAZING

In a world where it’s frowned upon to have more than two kids, Chad and Andrea Chapman rub their not-so-traditional family choices in everyone’s face, and I ADORE IT! They are expecting baby number four, and they want everyone to know: “It’s our family; we can do what we want to.”

The couple created this hilarious Miley Cyrus parody video, called “We Can’t Stop . . . Having Babies.” And the subtle, (or not so subtle line) “It’s my body I can grow who I want to” is genius! This lyric turns the typical pro-choice argument of “it’s my body” and “my choice” on its head.

Congrats to you, Chad and Andrea. Bring on those babies!

How Having a Baby Ruined My Marriage

Babies change EVERYTHING. Some would even say that having a baby ruined their marriage and I would have to agree with them. I love my daughter as well as the life my husband and I are building with her, but that doesn’t mean my pre-baby life isn’t ruined. In fact, it’s been demolished.

I can never go back to life before kids…never. From the moment my daughter was born until the day I leave this world, I will forever be a mother.

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Musings on Motherhood: Curse of the Breast Pump

I’m sure that there are lots of embarrassing and awkward moments that motherhood will bring, but so far pumping in public has taken the cake. As other mothers who have nursed can empathize, the first few times you nurse in public are quite uncomfortable.

My experience has been no exception. Yes of course there are nursing covers to aid with modesty and I always use one, but really who are we kidding? Trying to get some squiggly baby to nurse while smothering them with a sheet is hardly ideal. Plus, there is the self-consciousness that comes with the whole ordeal. I mean really the only thing keeping the entire world getting a free peek at your breasts is a thin, flimsy parcel of fabric. Oh and the nursing covers they sell…it can’t be any bit conspicuous. Nope. It has to be some bold pattern covered in bright pink flowers (at least mine is).

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Saying Yes to Motherhood

It’s no secret that motherhood is challenging. It’s the most challenging job I’ve ever experienced. Still, it wasn’t like this was any sort of well-kept secret. People told me it would be tough, that there would be days when I would just want to cry and tear my hair out all at the same time. Just like they told me that marriage would have it’s rough patches, but for some reason I never listened to them. I guess I just thought they were exaggerating or too cynical or whatever.

The truth is they were all right. There is one thing that they didn’t tell me, though. One aspect that I wasn’t prepared for. That was how much the trials and victories of motherhood would alter my spirituality.

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Introducing the Newest Contributor to A Couple of Catholics

On our blog we are always working hard to come up with new ways to share our faith and our life with you. We are so proud and excited to share this news. If you are a regular reader you know that this has been nine months in the making.

Inspired by other second a day videos, Nicole and I decided to capture our nine months of prepping and planning for our first child. Introducing the newest contributor to A Couple of Catholics:

Musings on Motherhood: Sweaty, Swollen and No Place to Sit

There isn’t much in the world that still surprises me. Admittedly, I am a fairly cynical person by nature. That being said, there are a few common courtesies that I would have assumed others would be privy to during this pregnancy. Now before I sound like a total diva…allow me to explain.

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A Father’s Ambitions, From a Dad-to-Be

Dear Son or Daughter–

As I count down the days to Fatherhood, I’ve been reflecting on the kind of dad I’d like to be and what it means to be a father. I know that I’ll figure out the “dad thing” as it comes, but this is meant to be a summary of my fatherly aspirations before you are born.

There are many places to find examples of fatherhood. While your mom prefers to read books about parenting or just talk to our friends who have kids, I find myself quietly observing other parents. I’m like a psychologist in a human zoo. (Yes, like the monkeys at the zoo)

I like to watch other dads in how they handle different situations. What happens when the child throws a tantrum? How does the dad play with his kids? I’ve found this a good way to also see what not to do, particularly when I see a father who lacks interest or responsibility in public. I will take these to heart and do my best.

Beyond watching random dads, I think it makes sense to look at my experience…

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