Oh my gosh, how time flies…everyone said it would, but you just really don’t understand until you are trying to intricately place sprinkles into the shape of a one on your eldest child’s birthday cake. That’s right…we recently celebrated Johanna’s first birthday party and like all first-time mommies I made sure to take extra time to make this event special.

Johanna does love her brandy.

It began with a vision…

Okay maybe not quite that bad, but I do recall a discussion with Pat in which I quite incessantly explained to him the critical need for multiple rolls of streamers.


Of course, all my decorating attempts that centered around a red and pink girly theme were foiled when it ended up looking more like Valentine’s day in September.

Sometimes you just gotta know when to give up.

The big day finally arrived and  we told Johanna. She was notably unimpressed.

Happy Birthday!

As the family rolled in to celebrate in our tiny little two-bedroom abode, grandparents spoiled like grandparents do.

Our living room looked like a fun house exploded – with floods of pink purses, play vanities, and toy teapots scattered like bomb shrapnel.  Oh well…our carpet is dirty anyway.

The cousins ran back and forth across the apartment like it was some sort of toddler obstacle course. Johanna tried to keep up but with little avail.

An accurate depiction of Johanna “playing” with her toys.

By the time we served cake, I’m pretty sure our niece was more into it than Johanna.

Who can blame her? Our party was awesome.

Seriously though, have you ever watched a one-year-old pick at their cake? Watching cement dry is more exciting.

It wasn’t even this entertaining folks.

Truth be told, Johanna loved her party or at least she played along.

Let’s be real this party was more for Pat and I than it was for her. It’s like we looked at each other and thought, “hey we’ve successfully kept a child alive for a year, let’s throw a party under the guise that it’s actually for Johanna.”

What can I say? We really know how to have a good time.

Once all the fanfare and partying died down, we thought to give Johanna one more gift…

One that will prove to be more memorable than this unforgettable party.

Keep scrolling…





That’s right! Just two days after J’s birthday we found out another baby is on its way. We are overjoyed and feel incredibly blessed. Your prayers are certainly welcomed.

Cheers to expanding our family!