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Praying With Your Spouse: A Step-By-Step Guide to Get You Through the Awkwardness

We hear it all the time…well at least in the crowds I roll with.

Pray with you spouse.

Yeah…okay, but what they really mean is to pray for my spouse.

Nope. Wrong. They actually mean to pray with your spouse.

Ugh…but that’s so awkward.

The truth is that you are exactly right. It is awkward…really awkward.

While there is an incredible benefit and need to pray for your spouse, I want to focus on the equally beneficial (and necessary) act of praying with your spouse. By sharing your prayer life with one another, you allow God another avenue to enter into your lives as a couple.

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Be Brave Young Mama (Handling Meltdowns in Public)

We’ve all been there before…trying to quickly finish grocery shopping before nap time, exchanging some clothes at a nearby department store or in my case aiming to squeeze in some much-needed mommy time at a local coffeehouse. And then it happens their bottom lip starts to quiver, the little eyebrows begin to furrow and suddenly a loud indignant screech is heard around the room. Surely, this will only result in a full on cringe-worthy meltdown.

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This Pregnancy Announcement Parody is AMAZING

In a world where it’s frowned upon to have more than two kids, Chad and Andrea Chapman rub their not-so-traditional family choices in everyone’s face, and I ADORE IT! They are expecting baby number four, and they want everyone to know: “It’s our family; we can do what we want to.”

The couple created this hilarious Miley Cyrus parody video, called “We Can’t Stop . . . Having Babies.” And the subtle, (or not so subtle line) “It’s my body I can grow who I want to” is genius! This lyric turns the typical pro-choice argument of “it’s my body” and “my choice” on its head.

Congrats to you, Chad and Andrea. Bring on those babies!

5 Books Every Married Couple Should Read

Whether you’re preparing for the vocation of marriage or have been married for decades, there are a few books that I think every couple must read. I’ve read these marriage books over the last couple years and they have not only inspired me in learning how to love my husband better but have also helped me navigate my way through murky waters when times get tough…and we all experience times like that.

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How Having a Baby Ruined My Marriage

Babies change EVERYTHING. Some would even say that having a baby ruined their marriage and I would have to agree with them. I love my daughter as well as the life my husband and I are building with her, but that doesn’t mean my pre-baby life isn’t ruined. In fact, it’s been demolished.

I can never go back to life before kids…never. From the moment my daughter was born until the day I leave this world, I will forever be a mother.

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Musings on Motherhood: Curse of the Breast Pump

I’m sure that there are lots of embarrassing and awkward moments that motherhood will bring, but so far pumping in public has taken the cake. As other mothers who have nursed can empathize, the first few times you nurse in public are quite uncomfortable.

My experience has been no exception. Yes of course there are nursing covers to aid with modesty and I always use one, but really who are we kidding? Trying to get some squiggly baby to nurse while smothering them with a sheet is hardly ideal. Plus, there is the self-consciousness that comes with the whole ordeal. I mean really the only thing keeping the entire world getting a free peek at your breasts is a thin, flimsy parcel of fabric. Oh and the nursing covers they sell…it can’t be any bit conspicuous. Nope. It has to be some bold pattern covered in bright pink flowers (at least mine is).

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Beyond the New Year’s Resolution

The time is upon us…it’s the season of New Year’s resolutions. Another opportunity to start fresh and recreate ourselves, but before we rush into the vast arena of resolution clichés (you all know them…quit smoking, eat healthy, loose weight, etc.) maybe we should take a moment and reflect on what area of life we really hope to grow in.

There is nothing wrong with resolving to get fit, but what if in addition to that we decided to push ourself to grow in other ways…more lasting ways?

What if we chose to focus the hopes of our future-selves on our spiritual life or family life? And what if instead of just making some obscure blanket statement that is destined to get lost in the cracks of our day-to-day lives we actually made a plan of how we could grow in such areas?

For example, instead of just stating that we are going to get healthy we could stand firm in our commitment to working out 2-3 times a week. Or instead of exclaiming that we want to grow in holiness, we could resolve to personal prayer for ten minutes a day or sign up to do a holy hour once a week. This gives us a measurable to goal in which we can mark our progress.

I’m all for New Year’s resolutions and I love the notion of a fresh start. That being said I think our resolutions should be meaningful, purposeful and attainable.

Instead of one single resolution for the year, I like to come up with a broader theme for the year and then create mini-goals I can put my focus towards each month.

One year my theme was to find balance. One month I spent focusing on developing my prayer life, another month I honed in on cultivating my friendships, and in another my energy was spent on eating healthier. Personally I’ve found that this approach helps me to stick with it as I can continue to evaluate my progress throughout the year and I have an easy mantra to refer back to.

What’s your 2015 focus and how do you plan to stick with it?

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