It was bound to happen…the dreaded letdown after Pope Francis returned to Italy. We soaked in every moment of the journey: the weeks and months of unbridled anticipation of his coming, the countless hours we spent glued to EWTN hanging on to his every word, but then on Sunday it all came to a screeching halt.

And now here we find ourselves…a nation with no more pope fanfare…in a slump of depression, too tired from watching all the media coverage to even drag our weary selves out of bed in the morning.

Pope Francis left before I could get my commemorative papal selfie.

We knew it would come to an end because Christmas can’t be every day. Humph…and so time ticks on.

But fear not dear faithful, we have come up with a list of six things you can do to help you slowly come down from your papal high.

Re-watch & Repost Pope Francis Videos on YouTube

Nothing says, “I’m still hanging onto the Papal visit,” like reposting a bunch of Pope videos. Don’t be ashamed. There is so much wisdom we can continue to gain.

If you don’t like watching YouTube videos (who are you?) or need some light bedtime reading, check out the full texts of all of Pope Francis’ addresses during his visit to the U.S. on

Get Acquainted with the Newly canonized, Saint Junípero Serra

Saint Junípero Serra was a Spanish Franciscan friar who founded a mission in Baja California and the first nine of 21 Spanish missions in California. His canonization was the first on American soil. To learn more about his life visit

Continue the Dialogue With Others

In the past few weeks, everyone has been obsessed with the Pope…Catholics, Protestants, Believers and Skeptics…it doesn’t seem to matter. We can’t get enough of this guy.

Let’s not let the end of his visit end our conversations with others. If anything the Pope’s visit has been a wonderful opportunity to discuss the beauty and timelessness of the Catholic Church and her teachings.  So get out there…have those awkward conversations about Jesus.

Buy a Fiat

If you’re really gonna try to emulate Frankie, then commit already.

Pope in Fiat

They see me rollin’… They praying’… Tryna catch me ridin’ clergy.

Live Simply

Once you’ve finished financing your new ride, it’s time to simplify. Let’s face it, we all have way too much crap in our life. Take a cue from the Pope – it’s time to simplify. Use his example as inspiration to declutter your life from things. Donate some unneeded items to Catholic Charities or Goodwill.

Or better yet, work to declutter your digital life by deleting unused smartphone apps, unsubscribing from emails (except ours of course…you wouldn’t want to miss out on all this relevant and life-changing content), or stop Facebook stalking that rando from high school.

Pope Chair

Humble and functional, yet incredibly comfortable.

Follow the Pope on Twitter

If all else fails you can get your daily dose of the pope in real-time by following him on Twitter. As an added bonus, you can share his holiness’ wisdom via retweet.

Pope on Twitter

Have other ways to cure your papal withdraw? Share them in the comments below.