Welcome to the second week of Lent. How has it been going so far? I hope you are off to a great start!

Admittedly, this post probably would have served you better if it were posted before Ash Wednesday. But hey, part of being Catholic is always striving to be better. So if you need a bit of a Lent pick-me-up, here are four of our favorite Lent resources to help you deepen your faith journey.


The Way of the Cross (audio experience)

Based on the writings of St. Alphonsus Liguori, this Way of the Cross is an immersive audio experience that places you in the midst of the Passion of Jesus Christ. It is an incredible prayer tool. The great thing about this Lenten resource is that it is a guided meditation. This audio Way of the Cross is  an incredible accompaniment to prayer and is edited to give the listener enough time to really contemplate each station. Mad props to my friends at the Archdiocese of Denver’s Office of Evangelization and Family Life Ministries who produced it.

Note: The full audio takes about 40 minutes to listen to, so I suggest downloading it to your phone and listening during your commute. Forty minutes might sound long, but it is definitely worth it.

Download the MP3 or listen to The Way of the Cross in your browser.

Best Lent Ever Logo

The Best Lent Ever by Dynamic Catholic

I love the folks at Dynamic Catholic because all of their resources are both practical and actionable. Their Best Lent Ever program is no different. According to their website: “Lent is not just about giving things up. Lent is about doing something. Doing something bold. Becoming a better husband, father, wife, mother, friend, etc. This program will help you do just that. Each week [we] will email you simple yet powerful messages that explain the genius of Catholicism and will inspire you to become the-best-version-of-yourself.”

Their emails include videos, inspirational quotes, and spiritual coaching from Matthew Kelly himself. For me these act as a nice short reminder to keep my focus during Lent. You can sign up here. It’s simple, and the only cost is your commitment to live better each day this Lent.

Bonus points: If you work at a parish Dynamic Catholic provides you some resources to promote this program at your church, including an email template (well done DC, you’re clearly my kind of people).

WOF Lent Reflections

Daily Lent Reflections by Fr. Barron

If you’re looking to get filled daily, Word on Fire has put together a special series of Lenten meditations at LentReflections.com. Each reflection is written by Fr. Robert Barron. Additionally, by signing up you get exclusive videos, special discounts on WOF merch and free giveaways (yes we know it’s a marketing tactic, but we all like free books, CDs & DVDs).

So far I’ve found these meditations to be quite thought-provoking. They are a little more in-depth and contemplative. Additionally, if you click-through their emails and go to their website daily you can join a conversation under each reflection with people around the world.

Bonus points: You can sign up for their daily reflections in both English and Spanish!



For Lent FOCUS has produced a ton of content on a special microsite called Lentsanity. The site includes blog posts, recipes, social streams and even a video Web series called the Meat Police. Additionally you can get their Lenten reflections, resources, articles, and more delivered to your email. I really like their style and how they use digital media to keep you engaged during the season. Certainly innovative for a Catholic group in how they distribute their content. Props my friends.

Bonus points: FOCUS created an app for Lent! This extension of the Lentsanity microsite puts all the resources of FOCUS’ campaign in your pocket, AND even sends push notifications before lunch and dinner to remind you to not eat meat on Fridays during Lent. Download the app here: Apple App Store or Google Play Store

I hope these four resources help you grow closer to the Lord as we prepare for His resurrection at Easter. Also check out NC Register’s 2015 Ultimate Lenten Resource Guide for a more comprehensive list.

What resources are helping you and your family grow closer to our Lord this season? Share them below in the comments.