Since transitioning to stay at home mom life…and for now stay at home wife (it’s a super crazy life filled with wild parties, and plenty of spontaneous adventures 🙂 ) I have taken this opportunity to delve into educating myself about world affairs and current events. Okay, so really I just like to watch Good Morning America and keep daytime television on in the background whilst I go about my daily todos. Anyway there was a recent story that covered the bright and encouraging actions of a graduating high school senior, Taylor Stewart, has spent the last semester of her senior year anonymously spreading positivity through tweets about her fellow classmates.

As a former teacher and youth minister all too often my job has required me to teach the importance of character and building up one’s neighbor. Adults by no means are excused from or above this behavior. In a culture that gets ahead by tearing down one’s neighbor, and are bombarded by the message that we must be seen as better, smarter, and more accomplished than the one standing next to us, it is truly inspiring to see that some people still do have class.

Oh how we can all so easily slip into cynicism and negativity, particularly those glass half-empty kinda people like myself. We all learn a lesson from this young lady and reexamine our own thoughts and actions toward our neighbor. Props to you Miss Stewart may your positivity and kindness be returned to you tenfold.