Recently, Pat and I celebrated a whooping three months of marriage. Hooray for newlywed life! Like many married couples, we have dreams and plans for our future together. Here is a recap of our first three months, summed up in GIFs.

First we were all like, ‘Now that we’re married we should get a dog! Yeah, a dog would be fun.’

After about two months life changed a little and I was like…

Meanwhile, Pat was at the grocery store blissfully unaware of how in a mere three minutes something would drastically change our lives.

Time ticked on… and on and on and on.

Time ticks on

Finally, Pat returned home and I was like…

And he was like… Really?

And I’m like… ‘yep two positive tests don’t lie, Daddy.’

Then Pat proceeded to revel in his accomplishment.

And I’m all ‘wake me up after the first trimester.’

Now we think…dog…

Despite our initial surprise, we are thrilled to announce that Baby Padley will be coming this September. We can’t wait to share all the ups, downs and growing pains of pregnancy with you.