It’s hasn’t been a month since Pat and I were engaged and I already feel like my mind is spinning off into thousands of different directions. ‘When are we going to set the date? What kind of wedding can we afford? How am I going to find the time to plan a wedding amidst full time grad school and a new job?’ All these questions plus thousands of others bounce around in my mind as if it were a pinball machine.

The funny thing is that I never in a million years classified myself as one of those girls. You know the kind I’m talking about…the ones who dream and plan out every detail of their wedding day years before they even meet the groom. They are the same girls who start reading bridal magazines after their second date with a guy. The ones who have debates with their girlfriends about which sapphire hue would most be most appropriate for an elegant winter wedding.

My gag reflex is acting up just thinking about it. Still after years of pridefully snubbing “those girls” I have inevitably started to become one. I actually had a conversation with my incredibly loving and patient fiancé the other day about which fabric and colors to use for the bridesmaids dresses as well as what style of bridal gown he most prefers….yeah like he cares.

The truth of it all is that I really don’t care. I know that all brides at one point or another have said this to the point that the statement seems laughable, but I am being totally serious. At the heart of it all, I do not care. All that matters is the beautiful and mystical sacrament of marriage that Patrick and I will be entering into.

I must try my best to keep this at the heart of all wedding decisions. Hence the blog post. It’s in writing so I guess I can’t go back now. I am so blessed.